Concuros brings a cost conscious and innovative approach to airline operations: regardless of the business model, getting the fundamentals right is key to success.


Working within the confines of your regional/regulatory specifics, business model and overall commercial objectives, Concuros can create and then implement a business plan to make sure you arrive in better shape. In today s market, where cost pressures combine with increasing and intense competition, optimising efficiency, whilst flying safely and reliably, is paramount for success.


At Concuros we understand the range of limitations impacting on your business, from technical and certification issues to a variety of production and budgetary constraints; all these may combine to divert you from your chosen path. The varied and diverse experience of the Concuros partners provides for a mature approach to planning your business and then making the required changes en route towards ultimate business success. Concuros can provide an integrated solution covering all the bases, ranging from start up business planning, to development of outsource business solutions, from complete operational oversight to aircraft evaluation and acquisition and crew training. We have the menu; you make the choices


Russia's first true LCC. Setup and managed by the team at Concuros
Comercial setup and operations by Concuros Partner

The team at Concuros are experienced senior level aviation managers and have independently or jointly worked with many of the worlds major airlines, airports, aircraft manufactures and governments. The Concuros team are all industry insiders who have been on both sides of the aviation client/consultant relationship.

We understand the needs of our customers because we have been in their shoes.

Founded by Concuros Partner
Easyjet consulted Concuros on operating into Russia

Who we've worked with

Why we're different

"ONE STOP SHOP" for a start up/restructuring of airline, airport or service company - from idea assessment and strategy creation - to the delivery of planned operational results


Significant PRACTICAL experience of partners/associates in completing these tasks on time, gained worldwide


Particular - and POSITIVE! - experience and expertise gained in the most difficult environments to start and operate (Africa, Middle East, Russia, Asia)


Common expertise covering WHOLE range of required competences (airlines, airports...)


Concuros connections to the vast base of decision makers on a PERSONAL level helps to pursue difficult projects to the planned result

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